Thursday, March 27, 2008

Getting ready for Artfest!

Title page for my Bird Book...used old linens and embroidered pieces...
Linen and felted wool mushroom pin cushions...

I've been busy this week getting ready for Artfest. Colleen and I will be driving up so we'll leave on Sunday to give us enough time for browsing on the way up. So fun to take a "girl trip"!!!
I made another Gnome for the Gallery because Gnome no. 1 is going to live with Gail in Washington! I know he will be very happy up there in her cozy home.
Also I've been trying to finish up "trades" for Artfest and gifts for housemates and Teesha, too..Not sure if these little pin cushions are "done" yet but I hope to make a few more before "take off".
I need to finish up my fabric Bird Book for the ARt From Scrap show..due on Friday..tomorrow! I think I will be sewing, stitching, or hooking until the moment we leave.

Classes I'm taking at Artfest:
1. Michael Jon Peterson...?
2. Judy Wise .. Waxy layers
3. Nina Bagley .. Stone soup
I'll be learning NEW things and meeting new friends! I'm a happy girl....


Runner Gurl said...

Gail is a VERY lucky gurl.
; )

I love the big brother gnome, too!

Lelainia N. Lloyd said...

See you there Mary! Travel safe! xo

liz elayne said...

love how you used those old linens - fantastic!

can't wait to see the gnome in the gallery...
safe travels!

(i'm taking nina's class on saturday too)

Jamie said...

You have been on a tiny woodland rampage! I love the mushrooms, very cute!

I'm in Nina's Saturday class, as well. I'll see you then if I don't meet you before.